Massive Choice, Ample Tasks (MaChAmp)

This websites introduces MaChAmp and provides an overview of code and papers that use MaChAmp. We are proud to annouce that MaChAmp has received an EACL 2021 outstanding paper award (demo track)!


Transfer learning, particularly approaches that combine multi-task learning with pre-trained contextualized embeddings and fine-tuning, have advanced the field of Natural Language Processing tremendously in recent years. In this paper we present MaChAmp, a toolkit for easy fine-tuning of contextualized embeddings in multi-task settings. The benefits of MaChAmp are its flexible configuration options, and the support of a variety of natural language processing tasks in a uniform toolkit, from text classification and sequence labeling to dependency parsing, masked language modeling, and text generation.


Rob van der Goot Ahmet Üstün Alan Ramponi Ibrahim Sharaf Barbara Plank


This research was supported by an Amazon Research Award, an STSM in the Multi3Generation COST action (CA18231), a visit supported by COSBI, grant 9063-00077B (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond), and Nvidia corporation for sponsoring Titan GPUs. We thank the NLPL laboratory and the HPC team at ITU for the computational resources used in this work.

Papers that use MaChAmp




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